(beta not public)

buddiApp is coming out soon for BuddyPress .

buddiApp is an Application that displays the content of the BuddyPress social network on an iPhone/iPad.

Being Independent from a desktop computer to access a social Networks like BuddyPress is an feature which gives a higher user experience.

Mobile realtime communication with all networks becomes possible thru one Application.

Join multiple networks thru one application!

With buddiApp you can manage your facebook stream and more than one buddyPress social network.


  • 15 languages pre installed and easy to add new languages.
  • Individual designable application thru the buddiApp plugin
  • Configure multiple networks and switch from one to the other via one application
  • Multimedia content in the network feed (youtube, mp4, ...)
  • Manage all your BuddyPress friends with buddiApp.
  • Access the Messaging interface of BuddyPress and send messages to friends via buddiApp
  • Post on Network feeds or comment network feeds.
  • Display and post on your facebook feed or comment posts from friends.
  • Your facebook friends list on buddiApp

buddiApp is one software for all your social networks.